Tuesday, 26 JUL 2016

Tuesday, 26 JUL 2016

Attendees: Will Charnock (Chairman), Christian Koch (Vice Chairman) (partial), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Chris Malayter (Director)Vinay Nagpal (Director), Dave Temkin (Director), Matt Griswold (IXP), Joseph Perez (Membership), Eli Sher (DC)

Not present: Josh Snowhorn (Director), Rob DeVita (Marketing)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:10 AM EDT

1. Executive Director Update

  • Transition.
  • SilkStart.
  • OIS.

2. Chairman Update

  • Bylaws edits sent for review.

3. Treasurer Update

  • Mark working on Q2 financial statements and 2015 taxes.
  • Looking into new invoicing system.
  • Permanent PO box.

4. Old Business

  • Membership changes.

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
    • OIX-1 modifications will go out soon.
  • DC Committee
    • EdgeConneX Portland approved for OIX2 Certification.
    • GPX stuck on advisory board requirement
    • Discussed value for Advisory Board, board expressed that they recommend eliminating the requirement, but it likely requires a bylaw change.
  • Marketing Committee
    • None.
  • Membership Committee
    • None.
  • General Committee Updates
    • None.

6. New Business

  • Code of Conduct
    • Previously developed as antitrust guidelines.
    • Need to have an acceptance that people sign.